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Water Feature Landscaping

Water feature in Landscape Design is often described as having a featured water effect such as a fountain and decorative containing water, in their landscape. It easily was mistaken by others that it can only be built in bungalow, semi-D or commercial units but nowadays it has been gaining popularity in link houses and even some apartments.

People nowadays, find it important to add charm to their home and have a more peaceful moment in their living style; water feature would be a great choice that provides great visual but at the same time a natural water trickling sound. In addition, some people build a water feature in their landscape to take advantage of the Feng Shui effect of bringing flowing water to their house landscape environment.

Style of Water Feature

A common style of water feature would be a free-standing fountain. It is a kind of fountain that has water to flow from the top and do not require any digging. This is for people who would like to have a smaller water feature or people with smaller garden and even for an indoor water feature.

Another general style of water feature is a wall mounted fountain. This is another great idea to add water feature to small-scale garden landscape. This type of water feature is to highlight or retain the design of the wall and blends and enhance it. This type of water features has plenty of design from being classic to modern.

Style of Water Feature

Water feature with rock is one of the most popular choices in Malaysia. This rock waterfall style blends well with pond design to bring out the feeling of a natural look to the garden, often Malaysian used to increase the feeling of relaxation.

Power saving has been concerned for many households in Malaysia nowadays, then the solar powered fountain would be a great choice. It is a fountain that is powered by light energy so it should be placed under the sunlight. This is uncommon in Malaysia, but you may ask your landscaper to get it for you.


Therefore, when considering to have water feature in landscaping, it is always best to consult with the professional landscaping contractor. We always provide the best consultation on the suitable style of water feature in your landscape design, as well as provide the most cost efficient proposal for these landscape designs . Our proposal often works within your budget for your landscape.

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