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The term softscapes or soft landscape is practically being used by practitioners of landscape design, landscape architecture, and garden design; and when the gardeners want to describe the vegetative materials which are then being used to improve a landscape by design. The corresponding term hard landscape however is used to describe construction materials. The planting design and the decoration of your garden are the important part in soft landscaping.


Whether your soft planting is natural, subtle or making a statement, it is important that you have a right team of landscape contractors with the knowledge and skill to create a scheme that will help to complement the surrounding hardscape. You can combine hardscape and softscape landscaping, as well as creating harmony based on these influences. It will determine how you want to approach your weight with each element.

The process of planning some elements of soft landscaping means that you are about to undertake a long-term endeavor. Shade trees and conifers might almost take years if not decades in order to reach their mature heights, just as it can take years for shrubs to get mature into natural privacy hedges. Elements like these must require some thinking ahead, as they will form the backdrop of the landscape for years to come.


Other parts of the soft landscape can be easily changed on a yearly basis. Annual flowers are commonly replaced each season, so replacing purple and yellow dahlias with a bed of red, white, and blue garden verbenas can help you if you need to change the atmosphere and feel of the landscape without too much hassle of construction. The only limit is what the soils will support.

Benefits of Softscape

Understanding on how the landscaping will affect you and your surroundings helps you to determine a strategic direction for planning your outdoor space. You can get maximum return on your investment while minimizing negative effects on your family and the environment. Among the benefits that you will get are:

  1. Functionality
  2. Property Value
  3. Cost
  4. Time and Effort
  5. Environmental Impact


Then, what are you waiting for? Quickly consult any of our experts in landscape design and let them assist and advice you on this matter to provide you with the oft landscaping that will turn your once boring and unused spaces in your yard into a recreational space with beautiful design to complement the whole environment.

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