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Patio Landscape Design

Patio design landscaping is defined as an outdoor yard with flooring surface that usually uses brick, concrete, tiles flagstone or slate. It is normally connected to the house and create an outdoor landscape with dining area. A roofless open-air patio is usually used in Malaysia due to the climate.

Patio theme landscaping demand has increased recently as people show interest toward patio for the design of indoor flooring but open air for outdoor space. A patio is not just a place to put outdoor furniture like table and chair in the yard. It can be a great spot for morning coffee in the Sunday morning or it can be a place that can hold barbecue party.

Firstly patio is a good choice is because it is easier to clean up when a party is held outside rather than inside. Secondly, patio brings the most use of outdoor area.

Factors to Consider in Patio Landscaping Design:

Several factors have to be considered if you are planning to have patio design in landscaping.

  • Location – Patio is most suitable if it is adjoined to the house, but it could also be separated. Some patio is designed with pergolas, retaining wall, fences or garden plants for privacy purpose.
  • Details – For instance the type of furniture used, lightning prevention, water feature, pond and plants is important factor for a great design.
  • Size – It can be small if the patio is just for family, size around 6 ft x 6 ft or 6 ft diameter for a round design. But the size depends on the people you plan to accommodate.
  • Material – Common material used for patio in Malaysia is brick, flagstone, concrete, slate, wood decking and wood flooring. Also, it is always good to match the theme of your garden.

Patio Design Tips:

The common mistake of people designing a patio is placing a huge slab in the rear. This is commonly found in traditional patios but it is not practical.

To make a patio practical and visually appealing there are few factors that must be included such as sunlight exposure, shade, distance from the house, the view of the outdoor and other things activities that you would like to accommodate such as entertaining, dining, cooking and sun bathing

Combination of pergola and patio is also a great choice. If natural looks and shaded space are what you are looking for pergola will be the most suitable choice for it. The differences between gazebos and pergola are the design style and the material used. Pergola can provide shades for your space while patio will make the floor to be practical for activities and pergola can further be enhanced by fragrant and look of the climbing plants.

Furthermore, patio designed with artificial grass is also a famous combination. Some people prefer an easily maintain landscape while still enjoying the beauty of it; in this case, artificial grass can provide level ground to walk while at the same time prevent dirt when you get back into the patio. In some situation like rainy season, the landscape garden will be harder to maintain.


In short, to design the patio to be included in your landscaping, you have to understand the need and requirement of your patio, for instance if you are having a party event there or if you would just like to have a spot for yourself to rest at or even if you just want it to enhance your vision of your landscape, we can help you with all the requirement and needs you want and transform your dream garden to reality.

Hence, considering so much hassle is required in designing and constructing a patio in your landscape, it is always easier to engage a professional landscape contractors like us. Feel free to call us and enquire.

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