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Plants for Landscaping

When doing your landscaping, there is one thing that you should also take into account which is the type of plants that will be suitable when you decide to start your landscaping project. There are some plants that are suitable and there are also plants that will cause hazardous effect when you incorporate it into the landscape design sometimes old trees that have a lot of branches are not safe to become part of your softscape landscaping.

Commonly Used Plants

There are however many types of plants that you can use as part of your landscape design in your landscaping projects.

The options for landscaping plants, however, are so vast yet it can still be challenging simply just to come up with the color scheme that will immediately satisfy your individual taste.

Below is the list of plants that are commonly used for landscaping purpose:

I. Trees – trees might provide the yard with a good shades to protect them from the sun and trees also takes a variety of habits. Be sure that the trees you are choosing don’t make you have to clean your yard on a timely basis.

II. Shrubs – gardeners usually use dense, mounding shrubs in mass plantings in the garden. Shrubs with open habits or less rigid effect are used as individual accents.

III. Perennials – they are considered low maintenance if being compared with annuals. They can also rebloom for many seasons such as fuchsia, lavender and salvia.

While the perennial is suitable to place beside the pool in order to create a certain ambience from the variety of colorful flowers that it manages to produce. Trees, however, provide great shading features while bringing out certain a long-lasting impression to your yard.

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