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Landscape Architect

A landscape architect is an independent profession of which the landscape designers combined both nature and culture to create an aesthetic feel of outdoor landscaping. In contemporary practise during the modern time, landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design.

In short, landscape design is quite similar to the one that we called interior design because they need the skills and creativity to perform the job. What the interior designer brings to the interior design and feel of the house, the landscape architect plays the same role in bringing the exterior aesthetic feel of the house and garden.

Why Need?

A certified landscape architect would mean that they have undergone proper trainings and are able to integrate landscape designs with the combination of softscape and hardscape. Landscape designer often has horticulture background or nursery experience which enables them to design a landscape especially for a new home or to renovate an existing area of the home or yard.

They will provide a blueprint for your yard, indicating the optimal placement that is suitable for each of the plant and the feature. Designers are also trained and qualified in the principles of garden design and able to assist their clients to avoid mistakes that could cost them more like planting the wrong type of plants in the wrong places.

Why do we need the landscape designer? This is because when you hire a landscape designer, you’re not just buying a design alone. You’re also getting all the important knowledge, education, and valuable experience that the designer has accrued over the years of their life-spanning career. Besides, they have more knowledge about the plants but also how to solve the problem in the landscape and overall how to arrange the elements in your landscape in cohesive and attractive way.

Benefits of Engaging Qualified Landscape Engineer

I. Landscaping with design will boost the property value.
A great landscape design will enhance the property value. Besides, the visual aspect of a great looking landscape will attract more buyers.

II. A nice landscape enriches the view of the entire community.
Your neighbors will be pleased just by looking at your beautiful landscape design.

III. Environmental advantages.
A professional landscape can help to produce oxygen, remove other harmful contaminants from the air and capture runoff.

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