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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is often being called grounds keeping. It is an art keeping the landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive when we speak about park or garden. Using the proper tools, supplies, knowledge, and skills, the landscape contractor may plan or carry out annual plantings, schedule periodic weeding, fertilizing, gardening and other lawn care to protect as well as improve the topsoil, plants and garden accessories.

Process for Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining a landscape refers as the process to resist deterioration. It means to keeping the landscape in perfect condition. But there is a problem with this approach which is turf, flowers, shrubs, and trees are living things—so they’re going to constantly change and evolve. Predominantly, it would involve maintaining the softscapes by trimming the leaves as well as watering the plants. Sometimes, it might involve hardscapes where it includes rearranging the planter box.

Some companies provide tailored landscape maintenance service in order to fit the clients’ needs, schedule and their own definition of maintenance. These days landscape maintenance is considered one of the crucial part when you want to make your garden or your environment clean and beautiful. Without the right skills and knowledge of maintaining the landscape, it would not look as good and clean.


These simple piece of art would not work like a miracle without the help from the professional so it is important that you hired a certified service to ensure a first-class maintenance are done to your surroundings. Always try to remember that t is still a living and breathing entity that complement your house and environment.

These are the checklist that you should take into consideration when planning landscape maintenance:
I. Planting areas
II. Pest and insect control
III. Weeding and prevention
IV. Mowing
V. Leaf removal
VI. Fertilizing
VII. Hedge and tree trimming

These are the top things that should be on the checklist when you are planning or hiring someone to do the landscape maintenance.

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