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Landscape Design

The landscapes are often being one of the last things that will be checked in a house designing to-do list but it shouldn’t be that way. The outdoor landscaping area of your residence or building is always considered as important just as the interiors like the living room and your kitchen. These patches of land should also be given an equivalent of detail design attention and also allocated budget to complete the styling of your premises starting from the inside to the outside.


A professional landscape design should always incorporate and sustain to your type of lifestyle, needs and also the requirement. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a garden, family space or relaxation area; these spaces are created in order to make a better outdoor living experience for the person who will live there and for the people around you.

Landscaping refers to the process of modifying or adjusting the visible features of the land usually for the purpose of decoration. There are many important factors that you need to consider before planning and outlining the landscape design of your building or garden.

Types of Design

In Malaysia most contractors will prefer the garden plants type because it is based on the theme and environment of your garden. Commonly there are 3 types of themes and environment that you can choose from:

I. Flower garden – most common themes that landscapers will prefer and there are actually thousands of flowers that you can choose from and among of the popular ones are the “Bunga Raya”.

II. Leafy garden – however many don’t prefer such plants because it would make your garden design look a bit dull with those big leaves which commonly known as ferns in Malaysia.

III. Anti-anxiety garden – this is the less common theme being used but to those who have stress problems might benefit from such landscape design that consist of garden plants with variety of colors and aroma.


What we can offer for you in term of landscape designs is professional landscape designs by our landscape architect. Our landscape specialist contractor will give examples like how a house renovation going to look like even better with thorough inputs from interior designers, it is still the same as landscaping garden would looks even so much better with landscape designs crafted by landscape architect.

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