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Tender Landscaping Project

Tender landscape project is a process which engages landscape contractors to execute some landscape works for an underconstruction project or it could also be for landscape maintenance of an existing condominiums or apartments. The contractors should know and understand from the landscape architect drawing of the landscape designs designed for the project.

Process for Tender Landscape Project

Tendering is a bidding process that is used in a construction history for everything from medium-sized landscaping jobs to skyscraper construction. In tendering client and landscape designers put together a tender package which consists of drawing and specification. Later the legal request of the tender will be drafted. Finally, the contractors will be invited to go through a competitive bidding process.

Normally contractors who bid will be chosen in advance. For example, several contractors with a good reputation and are local or familiar to the job site will be chosen or put together all the qualifications for bidding and later make it a public tender. Normally the lowest bid will be chosen and that contractor will get the job and a contract will be signed to later. However depending on how the legal part of the tender is being structured so there might be some leeway to choose a bid which is based on a combination of factors.

Service Highlights

We’re very experienced in engaging with these developers, quantity surveyors, consultant, engineers or main constructors especially when it comes to landscaping project. We also have a track record of always deliver our projects right on time. There are many benefits you will gain from engaging with us for your landscaping project. You can entrust us with the size of our landscaping company, our valuable experience and our highly qualified manpower to do the job at our best.

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