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Types of Grass for Landscaping

In a normal landscaping, whether it is commercial or residential landscaping, the grass is an important element in landscape design. If you choose a suitable grass for your landscape, it would certainly enhance the aesthetic feel of the exterior surrounding of your compound. There are however many types of grass that you can use as part of your softscape element in your landscaping projects.

Types of Grass

  • Cow grass – The leaves are short and wide, greenish and soft, rooting firmly, trailing horizontally and spitting at each end. Two-petalled leaves are suitable for slopes and roadside, whilst three-petalled leaves are suitable for residence or garden. Also used very commonly in playground.
  • Carpet grass – The leaves are dense, smaller and longer. Also called Blue Zoysia, it is without weeds and suitable for a courtyard. Whilst there is another type called Matella, which leaves are bigger and more suitable for golf course.
  • Pearl grass – The leaves are in rounded shape, this type of grass is showing an upward trend of being preferred, mostly in a residential area. It is well adapted to moist, and well drains soil.
  • Philippine carpet grass – It is a finer carpet grass than cow grass or pearl grass. It is quite hardy and does not need to water frequently. However, it needs full sunlight whole day, and you only need regular moving about once every 2 weeks and some weeding. With this grass, you cannot cut the grass too short, as it may show brown patches.
  • Japanese carpet grass – Japanese carpet grass has finer blades compared to Philippines grass. Its blades are softer, shorter, and compact. They grow rather slowly and need minimal trimming. And it requires regular watering, because in dry soil, it will die off. Also, this grass gives the most aesthetic view, but it needs regular weeding as it can easily be outgrown by other grass species.
    The grasses are suitable when you want to decorate your walkway or the path in your yard because it is easy to shape up and doesn’t get too bushy. Or it is also being used on your landscape garden designs in the modern simple landscaping.


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