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Tree Cutting Services

Whenever spring or summer seasons come around, trees owner would need to have maintenance being done to their trees to ensure new healthy growth and to prevent to the home or backyard. While some are more than willing to do it on their own, it is rather safer to do it by hiring the right service provider that is more knowledgeable than you to keep things in check.

What to Consider

However, it is hard to choose which service provider especially here in Kuala Lumpur. There is no realistic way for homeowners to remove large trees from his or her property. It is not the kind of job that you might want to attempt it yourself. It does require certain licenses, and specific materials to cut trees. If done incorrectly, it may cause extra costs to clear the debris as well as general liability and civil litigation if it causes any injuries.

One thing to be aware is that this might cost a bit more. For extremely tall trees, the total bill might be quite high. While for small trees this might include the stump removal, tree branches or maybe like smaller bushy trees that people normally plant in their yard.

Trimming branches and trees always been a service that people ask for especially if they are seeking to make their yard and garden to look as attractive as possible so your trees would need to be trimmed into shapes. Trimming can be used in order to remove limbs that might be causing a hazard and the cost varies depending on a number of factors.


There are few procedures to consider if you are planning to cut some big trees.

  1. Getting license
  2. Safety precaution
  3. Tools
  4. Trees observation
  5. Site preparation
  6. Cutting method
  7. Disposals

There will come time when you decide that it is the right time to cut the trees especially there are risks where the trees will be falling over to your house or yard just anytime soon. When you notice that there are trunks damage then you should consider cutting your trees because the trunk might fall down and hurt others walking past the trees. Next is whether the trees are growing under the power lines.


Hence, you should consider engaging with the landscape contractors in order to resolve your problem at once especially when it involves the need to need to cut down trees. It is definitely a safety hazard to leave overgrown trees or rotten tree branches unattended.

You may also be interested in our landscape maintenance services, to make sure your landscape surrounding your property is well maintained, and further enhance the property value.

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