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Residential Landscape

Residential landscaping is the process that can be defined as the art of improving the look, appearance and aesthetic appeal of the surrounding landscape of a house. Each home and its landscape should reflect the personality of the owners who live there. Residential landscaping is more than just to beautify your house, it is also a statement of your personality. Hence, it is important to work with a landscape architect, who will be able to assist to visualize and make your dream landscape, become a reality.


Whether you are revamping your existing yard or landscaping for the new construction, it should still be planned and executed accordingly. Normally residential landscaping is targeted at bungalow, semi-detached or corner terrace unit and as well refers to the minor landscaping project that is done for a landed terrace, high-end condominiums or balconies.

The residential landscaping sometimes does incorporate both real plants as well as the artificial plants depending on the need and the condition of the environment. The procedure almost the same as the one for the commercial landscaping. And it uses a combination of hardscape and softscape for its modern landscape design.

Things to Consider

Landscapers should be more conscious of the water consumption when they are planning for the residential landscaping as well as practical and low maintenance design to avoid high increase of maintenance fees. So instead of these, you have three things that you should think thoroughly before proceeding:

  1. Trees take time – even all the money in the world cannot buy the time that is needed in order to grow trees. When buying for vital trees for framing and shades, get the largest you can afford.
  2. Consider cost – you probably have been thinking so much about cost even from the planning stage. Real estate considers for residence to spend 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the house and a lot of landscaping not including such large improvement like swimming pool.
  3. Work in stages – whether you are doing your landscaping work over series of weeks or years, breaking large jobs into small segments would make your goal seems more attainable.


Therefore, you should always use landscape design specialist when it comes to remodeling or create your residential landscaping. To accentuate the effect of landscaping to your house you can always trust us for a professional residential landscaping service.

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