Pond landscape design can enhance the calming and relaxing atmosphere in a garden. A well-designed pond is a balance of nature with the sound of running water, green plant and even some fish in the pond. Build a pond in your house to enjoy the feel of a vacation-like garden.

Koi pond design

Several types of pond designs are available, but in Malaysia, the koi pond is the most popular choice. Before you decide to build a koi pond, typical koi pond requires large space from your landscape layout plan.

Typically, koi pond has at least 4,000 liters of water and about 3 feet to 4 feet deep. The koi pond is important as it provides a balanced habitat for koi fish to grow for the next 10-20 years. At the same time, water filtration and pump system is required to clean up the fish waste.

But you do not necessarily need a big space to own a good looking landscape. It really depends on how your landscape designer makes use of the spacing, and combination of hardscape and softscape to build the landscaping effect with your pond design.

Natural pond design

Besides koi pond landscape design, natural designed pond with water feature is also a Malaysian favourite. This design is focused on natural feel and does not need large space to bring out the relaxed environment, it is ideal for a small garden with Malaysia most house that is having 5 ft to 5 ft or even smaller.

Unlike koi pond, natural pond design is cheaper as it doesn’t need to be as deep as the koi pond. The filtration system will be optional; however, the pump system is still needed as it works to create a stream by circulating the water.

Factors to consider in landscaping with ponds

There are many factors a landscape architect should consider when designing landscaping with ponds. These factors are such as:
  • having a clean and clear water
  • received the right level of light
  • adding small fish and plants will make the ecology system more complete.

  • Conclusion

    Therefore, to have a more aesthetic landscape design with pond, you should always consult the landscape expert. Look no further, we are always ready to provide you consultation, and assist you to build your ideal landscape with the minimum costs. Call us now.
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