tender documents for landscaping project


Big landscaping project for tender usually comes from under-construction projects by developers. These construction projects could range from mixed developments, residential or commercial projects. Almost all these under-construction projects require a certain element of landscaping, whether it is hardscape or softscape. Hence, we are the best landscape specialist with experience in such tender project.

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Construction of swimming pool is a massive task that would definitely need some swimming pool specialist to construct. From the task of arranging materials such as cement and waterproofing solutions, you need to calculate accurately and apply accordingly. And the most important factor in the construction of swimming pool is to calculate the water retention system. Therefore, it is always better to hire a landscaping specialist who has had experienced constructing a swimming pool.

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Upgrading works for tender usually comes from government-related bodies. This is also considered part of landscaping because it relates to beautifying the outdoor view of a particular subject. Usually, these upgrading works include river widening and cleaning of rubbish at the river, hydroseeding on slopes for a quicker way to grow grasses on slopes, upgrading of parks and playground, as well as landscape maintenance services such as tree trimming, grass cutting, fertilizing and weeding.

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