Landscape gallery is where we store some of our project testimonial pictures, with the intention to share some of the landscape work we have completed. These landscapes work range from small project to big scale projects and are just an indication of our landscape experience and quality of work.

We also specialize in providing landscape consultation, landscape designing, construction and building of hardscape and softscape, as well as landscape maintenance. Amongst other projects, we have completed our garden landscape for a bungalow in Bangsar, commercial upgrading works at 10 Semantan, retaining wall project at Bukit Damansara as well as Swimming Pool Construction for a bungalow.

Garden Landscape Design has been preferred for this residence in Bangsar, with the addition wood decking beside the swimming pool. Normal cow grass has been using because there is adequate sunshine at the area. In addition, a proper drainage system has been built with wire mesh, for the flow of water.

Before landscape work 1
Before landscape work 2
Landscape - in progress 2
Landscape - in progress 3

Poolside deck 2
Deck Pathway 1
Deck Pathway 2

Upgrading Works 10 Semantan

This is a landscape project in upgrading works at 10 Semantan, with the planting of natural grass and softscapes with word designs, such as coloured flowers. This landscaping work is done at the pavements along Jalan Semantan at Damansara Link.

Retaining Wall Bukit Damansara

This is one type of hardscape landscaping in Bukit Damansara, where a retaining wall is built using wire framed block containing stones. This is used to prevent erosion of soft soils, as the wire framed block will hold the stones together and will not let the soil erosions to wash away the stones.

The current ongoing swimming pool construction in one of the projects at Ampang, in Taman Dagang. One of the key requirements of constructing a swimming pool is to ensure that adequate waterproofing is performed during the construction, else it will cause water leaking from the swimming pool. Besides that, it is also important to consider the landscape design surrounding the swimming pool to mix functionality and nice design.

Construct swimming pool
Construct swimming pool
Construct swimming pool
Construct swimming pool

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Pond and Water Feature
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