We are one of the most experienced landscape contractors in Malaysia. We have had more than 35 years of experience in landscaping, covering residential and commercial landscape in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Now, we have expended our coverage till Negeri Sembilan as well as Johor.

We specialises in modern landscape design such as garden landscape, patio, pergola, pond as well as water feature designs. Sometimes, we ought to understand how landscaping can enhance the property value, just as how interior designer fixes the interior of a house, a landscape architect gives an aesthetic feel for the outdoor of the house.

We often use a combination of hardscape and softscape for the purpose of achieving and portraying the best landscaping ideas. Besides that, in certain instances, we would need to add in some fake plants and artificial grass, as well as combining it with real plants and real grass depending on the purpose of the landscaping of the owner.

Our services extend more than just landscape design and building the desired landscape as a contractor. After spending so much money to visualize and build your ideal landscape, it is even more important to engage a landscape specialist like us to maintain the well-being of your landscape.

A normal landscape needs to be maintained at least 3-6 months interval. Landscape maintenance would include watering the plants, weeding, grass cutting, tree trimming and tree cutting services. It also includes some rearrangement of the flower pots and moving of hardscape to accommodate the sunlight, which is crucial for some plants.

Signs that the landscape garden is not properly maintained are usually the overgrown bushes, untrimmed trees, and branches. Besides that, other signs could also include the color fading of the grass, the unhealthy leaves as well as weeds in your grass.

Therefore, a properly designed landscape would certainly enhances the value of the property, and a well-planned landscape maintenance schedule would definitely help keep the landscape in its original beauty.
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