What is commercial landscaping? The commercial landscaping is a multi-faceted landscaping service that normally includes processes such as planning, design, installation, and maintenance for businesses big and small. A further detailed explanation of the task involved in commercial landscaping is needed for us to appreciate their value.

I. Commercial landscaper help you plan and install a workplace frontage that is common within your desired budget and inviting.

II. They might also be able to provide you with monthly or seasonal maintenance service for weeding, trimming and plants replacement.

III. They will proactively monitor what is needed to be done in order for your business will always look at its best.

Commercial landscaping might includes refurbishment of the existing outdoor landscape and will also include indoor landscaping too. The nearest example that you might see here in Malaysia or more correctly in Kuala Lumpur is Avenue K you can clearly see how they are incorporating the existing landscape in front of the mall with their design and architecture making it complementing the entire look.

It will also include the usage of softscape in the process of planting and installing the real grass, plants or flowers and might also include some artificial plants or the plastic flowers. Besides that, it will also certainly involve elements of hardscape such as stones and planter box, to further enhance the landscaping work.

Difference between commercial and residential landscape

It is recommended for you to refurbish your landscaping in a monthly basis but not include if you are to redesign your landscape which is better if it is done after 2 to 3 years. Refurbish your landscape is in terms of the plant's replacement and cleaning the whole environment to make it look brand new as the softscaping is affordable and cost less than hardscaping.

We are here to provide you with professional consultancy, with affordable and low pricing for supply and install. We always deliver our projects right on time, provide professional landscape designs for approval right before commencing work, so it will be able to help us to reduce misunderstanding.

There are few things that will differentiate the commercial landscape and the residential landscape because there are different procedures and requirements for each and every of them. Among the differences between both landscaping are:

I. Contracts – a proper contract is required for commercial landscaping.

II. Insurance – need general liability insurance as it involves public area.

III. Billing – Invoicing and payment terms are more rigid, involves credit term.

IV. Profit margins – Small profit margin but is recurring and larger project.

V. Referrals – Higher exposure, and quality work generates strong referrals.

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